The spectacular settings of AcroMAX and World Championship

Going up from the village of Bordano, along a fully asphalted road, you can reach the take-off (1180 meters, south), from where you can enjoy an amazing view of Bordano, the Tagliamento plain, the valley of Lago dei Tre Comuni and the landing area (lakeside, South-West). The take-off lawn is wide and from an initial plateau it gradually accentuates its slope. The Bordano landing is quite wide and free from obstacles. A flight area suitable for all kind of pilots, from novice to expert, offers mainly dynamic conditions as well as normal thermal activity during the hottest months. It is possible to fly with winds from the South. For the AcroMax and World Championship events, take-off D02 (Monte San Simeone) and the landing A07 (West bank of the lake) will be used, as well as the floating raft that will be placed in front of the West bank (within 150 meters from the shore) and the A04 landing field, which is 800 meters south of the A07. The Bordano landing field could also be used by pilots who don’t take part to the competitions and will be served by a shuttle bus, giving priority to the competing pilots.

Areas used during AcroMax and World Championship

Take-off D02: 13,101600°E 46,329833°N (official take-off Monte San Simeone) 1180 m slm
Landing A03 Bordano: 13,112550°E 46,305917° N (official Bordano) 225 m slam
Raft A07: 13,006666° E 46,324377° N (West bank) 190 m sum
Safety Landing  A04:13,014166° E 46,317155°