Shuttle service to Mt Cuarnan and Mt San Simeone take-offs

The shuttle service organized by Volo Libero Friuli is active on the two take-offs, Monte Cuarnan and Monte San Simeone, mainly by reservation. The ascent time is approximately 40 minutes, starting respectively from Bar Aghegole, next to the Godo landing, and from the Bordano landing area, near the town's sports field.
The minimum cost is 40 € per ride, shared by the number of participants (for example 10 € x 4 people) up to a maximum of 8 (a second shuttle is available on request).
It is also possible to purchase the season ticket at a reduced price of € 8 per ride (8x10 rides = € 80).

To book, call +39 3486812138


Ascent to Mt. Cuarnan and Mt. San Simeone take-offs with the Volo Libero Friuli shuttles


Travelling time is about 35-40 minutes


Height difference of 1000 meters between take-off and landing


Roads subject to regional regulation. Access is allowed only to authorized vehicles!