AcroMAX 2018 – Italian Championship Run 1 & 2

After yesterday’s rehearsals, the competition finally began today with two runs. During the morning run, pilots had all the same level, with the only exception of Nico who did his best and gained the first place on the provisory ranking board.
During the afternoon run, pilots tried spectacular and more difficult maneuvers. This time Egor Posokhin, from Russia got the best ranking. Even the Austrian pilot Norbert Winkler did a significant run, that was impressive considering his young age (he’s only 16 years old). Among the Italians, Nicola Donini got the best placement (2nd) after flying with a friend’s glider. French pilot Mael Jimenez got instead the third place after two good runs.
Tomorrow second and last day of the Italian acrobatic paragliding championship. Stay tuned for more updates!